Fred Wynn, Founder, Dallas Design Group Architects. Fred Wynn, an award-winning architect with his own firm in Dallas, Texas since 1971, designed thousands of luxury homes. Licensed in California, Georgia, Texas, and Florida, Fred Wynn came from a family of builders and learned how to build a home before he could design one.

Fred Wynn's homes are all one-of-a-kind and unique. His mastery of efficient use of space along with seamless incorporation of special architectural elements, make his designs spectacular. His floor plans are open yet create private and inviting spaces. His classic designs include the use of courtyards, verandas and elegant bedrooms with luxurious bathrooms, and large walk-in closets. These house plans boast opulent groin and barrel vaulted ceilings, as well as two-story soaring ceiling heights, many built-ins, gourmet kitchens and large banks of windows. Fred Wynn's designs contain many unique and unisual design elements not found in most home plans.

Although Fred passed away in 2008, he left behind a legacy of home plans, and trained the designers in our office. For many years, Fred apprenticed young people from high school through their college years and this group of talented individuals who have been specially trained are now creating new designs and doing modifications to existing plans created by both Mark Shekter and Fred Wynn. Fred and Mark's legacy of creatively designed house plans is carried on by Fred's wife, Alice and his two sons Erich and Jason Wynn, the owners of Dallas Design Group. Our team approach to create and market home plans is carrying on a tradition of family involvement. For more info on Mark Shekter and his beautiful home plans, see info below.

Fred lived by these words: "Unique design doesn't cost, it pays." This is obvious when you sell a home designed by him, because the designs are so unique that they will stand out in any community as prime. His homes create fabulous resale value because of their particular individuality.

Fred Wynn also has a humanitarian side. His accomplishments include:

Winning the McSam award for best design in Dallas in numerous categories of design; Designed several parade of homes winners; Years of judging a young designers' competition to give back to his profession; As a Licensed builder and Interior Designer, he trained other enthusiastic designers and architects who are now practicing in the design profession

Mark Shekter (Graphic Design Group International)

In 2015 Dallas Design Group is continuing its expansion. We are proud to announce the addition of luxury home plans created by designer extraordinaire Mark Shekter of Graphic Design Group International. Mark's unique design concepts and luxurious designs are truly beautiful and timeless. Known for his contemporay flair in design, Mark has designed beautiful homes for over 40 years, all over the United States. With a degree in Architecture and a license in Interior design, Mark's designs exhibit unique qualities both on the exterior and interior. Mark's designs are exclusively owned by Dallas Design Group as of February 2015.

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