About Dallas Design Group

Dallas Design Group (DDG) has designed thousands of custom residences across the United States. Our Design Teams experience in construction planning and beautifully designed interiors and exterior elevations is critical when creating masterfully designed homes and delivering a great product for our customers. We are experts in residential design. Our prices are fair, and we work with our customers until they are completely satisfied with our design products.

Study our Dallas Design Group home plans and you will find mastery of using space instead of wasting it and homes that are efficient yet spacious. Our design philosophy showcases open design, large closets and bedrooms, larger than found in most homes. Each plan carefully integrates the flow of the home along with every aspect of design and construction.Our website offers over 500 beautiful home plans with a variety of styles, sizes and options to choose from. Any of our plans can be modfied with rooms added or deleted, and features customized to meet your exact needs.

What are you looking for in a house plan or new home design? The Design Team at Dallas Design Group is comprised of experts in custom home design. For almost 40 years, we've connected home buyers, home builders, developers, and others to unique house plans. All of our plans can be modified; rooms can be added or subtracted, basements can be added, and styles can be changed. Our job is to customize your set of plans to meet your exact criteria. We provide free quotations on plan modifications/changes as well as new design projects. Dallas Design Group designs have been built all over the United States. Each of the architectural house plans offered on our web site is a custom home designed to a specific set of criteria. The house plans available on our website are custom designs that are one-of-a-kind.

Why Choose a Pre-Designed House Plan From Dallas Design Group?

The plans: Each custom house plan is a Dallas Design Group original design. These are not “stock plans”. They are all one-of-a-kind unique designs, and many of these plans are award winners in their category. We price our pre-designed house plans based on the air-conditioned “A/C” footage of the floor plan. This means you get more home for your money. We also offer custom design services. Please see our custom design page for more information. Custom designs are priced based on total covered footage. We offer free shipping of our house plans via Fed Ex standard in the U.S and Canada.Personal service: We are a 40-year old family-run business who enjoys helping you find your perfect dream home. Plan modifications: When building a custom home, flexibility is a must. We offer a CAD Set version of each house plan which can be modified by our skilled DDG Design Team or an Architect/Designer of your choice. We offer plans in CAD, PDF, and printed sets.Search our house plans, find your dream house design and contact us with any questions.

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