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Linda Crawford-Homeowner and Client

Dallas Design Group (DDG) won the McSam Award for my luxury "Garden Home of the Year" design in Lake Forest in Dallas Texas. Their work is a reflection of a visionary company; designers who capture ideas and put them on paper resulting in creative unique custom home plans.

Sharon Reuling, Realtor, Sharif and Munir and Sanders Builders

Dallas Design Group's home plans contain fabulous spaces, elegant bathrooms, dramatic bedrooms - homes that are both warm and beautiful.

David L. Roffino-Roffino Construction, Dallas Texas

Dallas Design Group Architects are established icons not only around the Dallas-Ft. Worth architectural arena but throughout the country from California to Florida.

Their plans have a knack for "curb appeal," and beautiful architectural detail. When you see their work, you know it is a "Dallas Design Group design." When you see a DDG floor plan, it not only flows very comfortably, but all the rooms have a comfortable feel as well. From the master bedroom down even to the closets - the entire plan works well. From a 1,800 sq. ft. home plan to a 20,000 sq. ft plan, all the rooms are laid out and sized for that specific design style. Their plans reflect this special knack, a special flair - a unique one of a kind , "Dallas Design Group Design."

Brad Jones, Castle Rock Investment

Our relationship with, dates back to 1999. The successful creation and longevity of our building group, stems directly from the talent of Dallas Design Group and their designs. As a new home-builder and developer entering a very competitive real estate market, we had to find unique architecture to distinguish ourselves from all the other home-builders out there. Dallas Design Group has exceeded our expectations, and gave us that edge and niche market that we were looking for. Over the past 10 years, I have personally witnessed the "wow effect" that their designs have on people. I can testify that I, personally, have seen families drive by homes that Dallas Design Group had designed for us, with cameras in hand, seeking to capture the powerful emotional rush elicited by their designs. Additionally, I've had competitors walk the homes DDG has designed for us, with the hopes of walking away with cutting edge concepts, or simply seeing what all the neighbors are talking about.

Aside from the design and curb appeal that these wonderful designs obviously possess, there is the DDG technical design process. Every DDG plan that I have used over the past 10 years has operated completely smoothly during the construction process, and every project design translated exactly from the blueprints to the actual construction in the field. Due to DDG's unique ability to grasp what the customer envisions, a lot of the potential kinks are worked out during the design phase in which they produce incredible plans. DDG also takes the time to educate the client about the structural, architectural and budgetary principles and their bearing on the feasibility of particular project goals. With such careful attention to detail as well as to customer awareness, DDG virtually eliminates all mistakes and hazards during the construction process.

In closing, Dallas Design Group is our exclusive architectural design firm for all of the custom homes we construct throughout Texas, Arkansas, and California, and we are honored to be a client. It is our sincere belief that the abilities of DDG will succeed in meeting and exceeding of all their clients' needs and expectations.

Dr. Laura Stiles

I first met Dallas Design Group in 1990 and worked with them in rebuilding an office space that I would be occupying. They have excellent analytical skills, and helped by offering suggestions regarding conservation of space and efficient office design for a growing pediatric practice. Over the years I have had the pleasure of going into several homes that were designed by Dallas Design Group. They were both high end as well as average homes and were designed with the owner's needs in mind. Each home immediately makes the owner very pleased to have had Dallas Design Group as the designer. I have also been in several high-end physician's offices designed by Dallas Design Group -which are truly beautiful. No one could begin to challenge the skill, the design, the beauty, the efficiency and flow exhibited in a Dallas Design Group design.

Ted Cox, Keller Williams Realty

I was privileged to work with Dallas Design Group in the architectural design of 10 speculative homes and over 40 build-to-suit residences. I always knew that once my prospects met with DDG, viewed a rendering of the front elevation and a one-eighth-inch floor plan, this would become a home I would soon begin building. Time after time I would hear client comments like "they listened carefully to our wish list and incorporated everything in the plan that we requested." This firm's ability to work with people and put their ideas on paper is absolutely amazing. My clients would immediately realize they were working with true professional's that really cared about what was important to them. Many of the homes they designed for me were on "garden," "patio," or "zero lot line" home sites. DDG would always incorporate features in these plans that they used in their larger estate homes. These design elements included long vistas upon entering the home, dramatic ceiling treatments like barrel and groin vaults, and breathtaking views to the outside area. Anyone considering designing a new home or buying a pre-designed home plan should consider Dallas Design Group and their outstanding architectural design concepts and superb detail.

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